Babcock Flights

Do you know your duty-free allowances?

There are no duty free allowances for passenger/crew arriving from offshore. However, there are local concessions of :

 40 cigarettes OR

 50 grammes tobacco OR

 10 cigars OR  20 cigarillos

If you have more than these concessions, you must complete a declaration  form . These forms must then be deposited in the Customs declaration box provided in the Arrivals Hall before entering the Customs examination area, whether or not Customs Officers are present. Alternatively a declaration can be made by using the “RED” customs phone in the arrivals area.

If there are no forms available, please write your name, address, telephone number, and details of the goods imported on a sheet of plain paper. These declarations should also be deposited in the Customs declaration box in the Arrivals Hall. You will be contacted later and advised of any duties payable.

Passenger/Crew entering the Customs examination area with undeclared goods in excess of the local concessions will have the excess goods and concessions seized.

UK Border Force can be contacted on the Goods To Declare/ Enquiries telephone located in the Arrivals Hall.